> Flowminder

— Geospatial Analysis of Call Data Records —
— Machine Learning Subject Lead —

As part of Flowminder’s humanitarian work in a conflict zone in the middle east, I extracted descriptive statistics and created geospatial visualizations from de-identified call data records provided by an operator of a mobile phone network.

> Eurofunk

— Emergency Command Center Search Engine —
— Elasticsearch Expert —

As part of Eurofunk’s eOCS Emergency Operations Center Suite, a “generic search” capability as well as a capability to search through legally relevant audit log information was to be developed.  Eurofunk engaged my services for data modelling as well as the design of a configuration to run elasticsearch in a distributed manner, for maximum availability and error resilience.

> Upper Austrian Insurance Corporation

— Analytics for an Insurance Corporation —
— Data Science Consultant —

Based on internal datasources from within the Upper Austrian Insurance Corporation, I extracted descriptive statistics and conducted automated pattern recognition through machine learning methods as well as predictive modelling.  I presented the results directly to C-level executives.


— Internet Observation Platform —
— CEO —

PANOPTICOM is an internet observation product developed and operated by my company Utopia Refraktor. I developed an infrastructure that picks up digital media items like posts to news websites, blogs, etc. and filters them for relevance.

> insightTourism

— Valid Demand Analysis in Tourism —
— Member of the Steering Committee —

The insightTourism project was a publicly funded project conducting valid demand analysis in the tourism sector, using scientific models. My primary role in the project consortium was to provide expertise within the areas of natural language processing and data science.

> Traktoro

— Search Engine Implementation —
— Technical Project Leader —

Theklatur GmbH, not having any software engineering resources of their own, contracted my company Utopia Refraktor for the design and implementation of a search engine website from the ground up. I conducted this project, coordinating a team of 5 junior developers as well as a number of subcontractors over a period of 6 months and implementing critical parts of the system myself.


— Search Engine Clickrate Optimization —
— Senior Search Engineer —

At Juju, I was the sole person responsible for conducting clickrate optimization based on query logs and related data. I conducted a series of one-off model-fitting projects, and was also responsible for the design, implementation, and continual improvement of the underlying infrastructure.

> Goldman Sachs

— HFT Research Infrastructure —
— Algorithmic & Quant Trading Strategist —

As a member of a small team of traders and strategists, I was the sole person responsible for the design, implementation, and continual improvement of our data-driven management decision support systems, and also conducted a great many one-off studies and analyses in response to immediate business needs.